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The Fine Art department of Berliner-Freiraum, Gallery2’s mission is to present 4 major exibitions each year in
diverse media and styles, with themes of a social, religious, spiritual and philosphical nature.

Our focus themes are:  Social, Religious, Spiritual, and Philosophical.

Media:  Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Light and Video Installations.

In addition we plan to hold readings, Matinees, and Discussion Groups.

Gallery 2 has no regular artists, but instead chooses to exhibit purely based on theme foci,  depth of work, and quality and depth of the art that shows good technical expertise.

The age, experience, religious belonging or lack of formal training plays no role in our selection of artists.

Gallery2 will not participate in Art Fairs.

Director Team

Mike and Elissa Picconatto, Selection of Work, Communication, Web Design and Web Graphics


Isabella Devinast – Selection of Work, Communication, Exhibition Preparation/Art Hanging
Artist and Independent Curator

Gallery2 is a part of Berliner-Freiraumwhich is sponsored through donations.  Because of that we can afford to take only 30% of the sales of art displayed.  With this amount we will cover the costs of the Vernissage, Finissage, a Catalog of the exhibited works, and Invitation Postcards, as well as reimburse our Independent Curator.  Any surpluss will be saved to cover possible losses, for example through exhibitions of hard-to-sell works such as Video or similar works.  Should there be no sale of art, a small donation would be expected.  We are happy to be able to communicate that we can insure artworks up to a certain value.

Gallery 2 is a gallery that comes under the organization of Berliner-Freiraum which is located at Auguststraße2 in 10117 Berlin.

Berliner-Freiraum is a part of the C&MA and works with the Evangelische Kulturwerkstatt.

Exhibition Contract (in German):